What You Need to Know About Spacers for Braces


Many people suffer from various tooth problems, track and field athletes included. Tooth problems are something that you cannot just take for granted because they can affect your ability to do your regular routine. A tooth problem can result in much pain such that you become helpless or it may affect your physical training. That is one of the reasons why, especially if you are an athlete, you are required to have a regular dental checkup to ensure that your dental condition is fine.

One of the more common tooth problems is tooth pain which could be a result of various factors such as tooth decay, gum problems and poor oral hygiene. Different forms of tooth pain relief or remedies are available depending on the cause of your tooth problem.

But a more serious tooth problem which does not only cause pain but also emotional or social problems is having crooked, misaligned or overcrowding teeth. It could make people lose their confidence to smile, to talk with other people, or even just to be in public such as in sports event. That is why despite the pain and expensive cost for its remedy, people are still willing to undergo treatment which may include surgery and getting braces.

Before putting on braces, dentists commonly put on spacers for braces to prepare a space for the molar bands. These are tiny elastics that are placed in between teeth to create a small space between them. They are normally placed at least a week before the molar band will be fitted so that there will be no need to wedge between the teeth to create a space, which can be more painful to the patient.

Having spacers is not painful but some patients are uncomfortable having them because they feel like having a piece of meat stuck in between their teeth. But there may be times when a small movement of a tooth can make the adjacent teeth feel more painful. In such cases, you could make use of over-the-counter pain relief such as Advil to soothe the pain.

When you have spacers on, there are special care instructions that you must observe. One is to avoid eating sticky candies like caramels or chewing gums. You should also not floss where the spacers are located because flossing can remove them. And lastly, be sure that all the spacers are still intact before you sleep.

In case a spacer comes out, you could either replace it by yourself or have it replaced by your dentist. Replacing it can be tricky and requires much concentration. You should also make sure that the spacers are returned where they should belong. You could use a floss to accomplish this task. On the other hand, if a spacer becomes painful, it may have dislodged from its original place into the gum. In that case, use a toothpick to put the spacer back to its original place.

Spacers for teeth are necessary before a person can be fitted with a molar band for braces. Although they are not painful to have, you might experience some discomfort while having them. But it is important to always make sure that they are in place so that they can do their intended purpose.

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