Tips in Teaching Children to Color Properly

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Many track and field athletes are also parents with small children. And because of their busy schedule especially during training period, they have limited time with their children. This makes it more challenging for them to find time teaching their children some basic skills such as how to color properly. Some children are able to learn this skill before they even know how to identify letters. However, there are also children who have difficulty in this area.

While each child is unique in their level of learning at any point in time, there are things that you as parents can do to help them develop their skill in coloring.

First and foremost, do not force your child to learn how to color. Just let your child lead. You provide for coloring pages and crayons and let your child decide how to color each object. If he or she likes to color the apples blue or the clouds red, let it be. Don’t criticize your child for wrong choices of color or for coloring outside the lines. In fact, you should appreciate your child for every effort he or she makes in coloring.

Then in your next session, introduce your child other colors and show objects that use those colors. For instance, teach him about green and how it is used for coloring trees. Don’t introduce all colors at the same time. You could start with two basic colors per session and give your child coloring materials where those colors are applicable.

You could also make use of color games and puzzles such as color dominoes and color matching games to enhance their skill in color identification and application. Sometimes, children become bored by mere coloring and they could easily lose their interest in what they are doing. Before that happens, introduce new activities that still teach basic coloring skills.

When your child has already mastered the basic colors and coloring techniques, you may then give more advanced coloring materials. From basic objects and shapes to colors, you could also use other coloring pages such as My Little Pony coloring pages, Disney’s Frozen coloring pages, superhero coloring pages, and many others. Of course, some coloring pages are more appropriate for a particular age group and gender. You can buy coloring pages from many bookstores or could print them from online sources.

Moreover, with the availability of smartphones and tablets, there are now apps that also teach basic coloring skills to children. Some apps are free to download while others require small fee. One of the advantages of using these apps is that there are almost unlimited objects, sceneries and characters that your child can choose to color.

Parents have a role to play in teaching children how to color. Even with limited time, you can still teach this basic skill to your child as long as you know some of the important pointers on how to do it. It is important to note that parents should not expect their child to learn this skill immediately. It takes constant practice to be really good in coloring.

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