Tips when Running with Dogs

Running is a form of exercise that can be done not only by people but also by dogs. Both can enjoy the many health benefits of running including physical wellness, weight loss and better cardiovascular health.

When running, it would be good to have a running companion. Some of the best running companions that you can have are dogs such as poodles and poodle mixes. Running can be a good bonding experience for you and your pet.

Before you take your dog on your daily run, here are some tips that can help you make the experience more enjoyable and safe:

Prepare your dog for the run

Preparing your dog for the run involves checking if your dog is in good physical condition. If your dog is active and is not showing any signs of sicknesses, your dog is most likely fit for the run. Your dog must be on the leash to give you control and to guide it while running. A retractable leash is not recommended since it gives you less control.

Aside from the leash, it is required by law that your dog should wear a collar with its complete identification especially when bringing it to public.

Bring a poo bag

It is normal for dogs to poo during a run. Bringing a poo bag can help you pick up and dispose of the mess properly.

Lead your dog

Running in front of your dog teaches your pet that you are the pack leader and you must be followed. Don’t allow your dog to run first otherwise it will be in control of your activity. Even after the run, you must always lead it because that will teach your dog to follow your command.

Bring water

It is also a must to bring water for you and your dog when running. Some runners normally bring collapsible dishes for their dog.

Take time to rest

Although poodles and other dogs that are fit to run do not easily tire, it is good to find a shady place and take a rest from time to time. It is also the best time to give your dog some water to drink.

Find an easy trail

Choose well-off roads to run with your dog. It would be good to run on roads with less traffic to avoid accidents. Also choose roads with fewer other dogs that may cause unwanted distraction.

Reward your dog after the run.

After the walk, reward your dog with food. It will give them motivation to be your running companion again.

Running with dogs like poodles is a good activity for dog lovers. It promotes better physical health for you and your dog. Be sure that you and your dog are ready and that you comply with the things necessary for your activity such as the collar with identification and the leash. Also, be sure to know these tips to experience an enjoyable and safe run together.

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