Getting Fit with Your Pet

You may think that having a pet dog is just all about spending on its food or veterinarian bills. But there are also many benefits to owning a dog. In fact, dogs are recognized as one of the most popular pets among many households. They are also highly trainable and can serve as guard dogs, lap dogs or playmates for you and your children. They are also an entertaining companion at home, although sometimes you may have to bear with their aggressiveness or unruly behavior especially if you did not properly train your pet. But overall, owning a dog can be beneficial to you.

One of the most notable benefits of owning a dog is the health benefits. In fact, there are studies showing that dog owners tend to be more physically active and fit than people with no dogs. This is not really surprising because many dog owners frequently take their dog for a run or walk. There are also those who regularly exercise or play with their dogs outdoors. Even athletes can benefit from practicing with their dogs. For instance, there are many track and field athletes who like to practice with their dogs. Their dog runs with them and rests with them during practice.

Generally, most breeds of dogs regardless of their size can be a good companion during exercise, walking or running. So even if you have small breeds like a Husky Pomeranian mix, don’t underestimate them for a running companion. They can be a fast runner too. And they could easily overtake you during your daily walks. They can also be playful during exercises. The same is true with bigger dog breeds. These animals have the natural instinct to please their owners and will generally welcome your invitation for a stroll or any outdoor activity.

But while you benefit from taking your dog as a companion during physical activities, you must also be sensitive to its needs at all times. There are also safety precautions that you must observe so that you can both enjoy the experience. For instance, if you are taking your dog for a run, be sure that it has a collar which contains its identification. Most states require a dog collar tag so that you may easily retrieve your dog if it gets lost. You should also take with you a poo bag to pick up the messes. Most importantly, bring water for you and your dog. And also consider that your dog also needs rest. So take time to stop for a couple of minutes from time to time.

Moreover, it is important that whatever activities you are doing with your dog, be it walking, running, playing or exercise, you must always lead your dog as you are the human pack leader. It is a good training for your dog to follow and obey your commands. Otherwise, you will have problems in controlling your pet later on.

It is easy to be physically fit if you have a dog. If you are an athlete, it is also good to train with a dog. And you can both enjoy the health benefits of your activities together.

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