Pregnant and Running: Is it Okay?

Just because you are planning to be pregnant or are already pregnant, does not mean that you can no longer exercise and be physically active. All the more that you need the health benefits of exercising such as weigh maintenance, healthy heath, low blood pressure, and stress reduction when you are pregnant. Additionally, pregnant women who regularly exercise during pregnancy are also less prone to preeclampsia and diabetes.

pregnant woman runningHowever, there are some concerns that running may be dangerous to pregnant women. Some women even avoid running and other physically intense activities around their implantation period so that it will not affect their prospect of conceiving. They use an implantation calculator to predict the best time to conceive a child and to help them keep track of their pregnancy and avoid frequently asking their OB “how many weeks am I.”

Generally, if running is already a part of your regular routine, it is okay to run during pregnancy. However, if you are just starting a running routine or will be running for a track and field match, that is a different thing. It is best if you will just rest from your sport and just resume once you have already recovered from childbirth. However, when you run, you must run with some safety precautions in mind. You must also consult your doctor first because there are special cases of pregnancy when a doctor would recommend bed rest and rest from physical activities to protect the unborn baby.

During the first trimester of pregnancy, it is the time when most of the baby’s internal organs are being developed in the mother’s womb. If the pregnant woman’s temperature gets very high as a result of running, the baby’s development will be at risk. If you like to run and your doctor approves of it, it is best to run in shady places and avoid pushing yourself to your limits. If you used to run one or two kilometers before pregnancy, reduce it this time.

Moreover, during pregnancy your joints normally loosen which will make you more prone to tipping and injuries. So be extra careful when you run. As a precaution, just run on cemented roads or flat pavements. Wear shoes that can give your feet more support especially in the area around the arches and ankles. You should also support your breast by wearing a sports bra. Be sure to always have a running companion to assist you if anything should happen. And don’t forget to drink lots of water before you run, during your run, and even after you run.

If you like to run while you are pregnant, it is your personal decision. It is generally safe to run but it is important that your doctor should know about it before you even start running. There are also safety precautions you must observe. And if anything happens like you accidentally tip or fall during your run, do your best to fall in a position where your abdomen is protected. And don’t forget the basics to rest and drinking water from time to time.

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