What To Do When You Have Tattoo Scabbing

There are a number of track and field athletes who have tattoos in some parts of their body. Some of them are even exposed when they wear their running uniforms. Tattoos are common among many athletes and not just in the track. You can see a number of basketball players, baseball players and many others sporting a tattoo. Some of them are proud to have it and they take no effort to hide it.

Some tattoos can be very artistically and intricately made. But there are also tattoos that seem to be engulfed with scars. And that is not a beautiful sight to see, not even among male athletes. Scarring in the tattooed area can be caused by a skin tear or tattoo scabbing. But the latter is the most common cause of unattractive tattoos and disgusting scars.

Scabbing in the tattooed area is normal. You can have it after you got your tattoo and even months or years after you have it. Scabs will just peel off if you will just forget about them. But if you force to peel them off, that is when scarring can occur. Many people have the urge to dig their scabs because they can be itchy or annoying. As a result, the scab can bleed and it can become painful. Added to that is the fact that removing scabs before they are ready can ruin your tattoo. It can take with it the ink in your tattoo, leaving an inkless scar. It may result to filled-up blood in the tattoo area which is not very attractive to see.

Depending on the damaged caused by the scabbing and its forced removal, the damage may be irreparable. Even if you will put back the tattoo over the scarred area, it may not look as good as it originally was.

If you have scabs as a result of getting a tattoo, it is best to just leave them as they are. Once they dry, they will just automatically fall off. After a shower, you may notice that the scabs become moist and soft. Don’t attempt to peel them off as many people are tempted to do. Just let them dry for at least an hour then apply some lotion. It can soften the scabs and soothe the pain.

Unfortunately, scabs may develop into infection. If you can already see oozing pus in your scab, or if it becomes tender and painful to touch or when you notice redness in the affected area, those are signs that your scab is already infected. You can draw out the pus by applying hot compress, as hot as your hand can stand. After putting the hot compress, you can then follow it up by an antibacterial spray or ointment to deter bacterial growth.

Scabs may not lead to more serious skin problems if you will just leave them as they are. Do not attempt to remove scabs because they will just fall on their own.

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